Cappelletti Cappelletti Company was founded in Cantu in 1956 and soon became a leader in the production of metal and gold-plated brass furniture and accessories. With many years of assimilation of tradition and culture of the Cantu areas, Cappelletti decided to widen its production; introducing inlaid briarwood, padding sofas and silk fabrics, creating luxury moments. Cappelletti manufactures handmade products that satisfy quality characteristics. Their products are 100% authentic Italian products and have each been created and assembled by Italian artisans and manufacturers of acknowledged skills. In order to prove this provenience, all Cappelletti creations have an appropriate nameplate that certify the origin and grant its authenticity.
ASNAGHI INTERIORS Asnaghi Interiors products' exclusivity and excellence go one step further giving its clients the chance to turn their furniture into unique, unrepeatable works of art with a fire marked brand code which brings a home to ‘state-of-the-art’, for life. In a world in which a name means everything, the Asnaghi Interiors brand marries the most intimate requirements a client may have, shaping a unique atmosphere in an unrepeatable time frame. The sensation of tailor made luxury, timeless elegance, a moment of being. 
 The in-house production - in Meda, Italy - includes traditional style furniture, using first class solid wood. The range of products represents the pride of countless generations of craftsmen and demonstrates Asnaghi Interiors' know-how in hand-carving, lacquering and hand painting. Each model has been studied and worked by skillful hands with special taste and care, making it a "unique work of art".
RİVA Armchairs and sofas with an extraordinary comfort, luxurious applications, illuminated by finishing in gold leave – under the sign of antique rose – bringing out the softness by the glimmering, precious silk. Sophisticated precious, unique. The wonderful sartorial style of ‘Bouquet’ has the magnificent charm of the great Italian gardens. Like the greenhouse of the palpitate aphrodisiac beauty explodes and multiplies the rarity of the woods and inlays, the perfume of the most rare essences, the mysterious arcane magic of the precious Swarovski crystals united by the erotic sensuality of the skills and velvets.
De Sede De Sede has been creating premium-quality leather furniture for an international market since 1965. The high level of comfort afforded by de Sede furniture is achieved in the workshops thanks to sophisticated upholstery techniques. Various combinations of foam, cheesecloth and cotton padding are put together and processed for each individual model. Frequently, seat or back upholstery consists of as many as ten different foam materials providing varying degrees of flexibility and rigidness, which are bonded together. The extensive planning that is performed individually and comprehensively for every item of furniture is what makes each piece from de Sede a one-off product. The skilled craftsmanship that goes into the manufacture of every item of de Sede furniture is one very important reason for the international acclaim that the Swiss company enjoys. Even today, each and every article that de Sede sells has been produced in their factory in Klingnau, Switzerland.
Malerba Founded in 1948 as an artisan furniture factory, the Italian brand Malerba has over the years forged a reputation as a leading contemporary furniture manufacturer. The stylistically compatible pieces provide a fully comprehensive and coordinated look for the dining room, lounge and bedroom sets, and are complemented with contemporary lighting and accessories. Malerba has conceived and crafted many luxury lines over the years, including Dress Code, Solitaire, One & Only, Night and Day, 5th Ave. and more. Not only is the Malerba family a top vendor in the modern contemporary lines, but they create furnishings for the likes of Harrod’s as well as a host of other internationally-renowned luxury retailers.
MARINER Mariner offers a unique luxury experience; combining craftsmanship, design and tradition, creating a unique style in furniture, lighting and decor works. Mariner’s experience in centuries-old furniture and lighting tradition, combined with traditional and modern manufacturing techniques help create unique works of art which endure over the time and become emblematic pieces and style reference. Public and private buildings, hotels, palaces, temples and theaters of the most remote places in the world, many universal resonance, now house the Spanish Mariner lamps and furniture with pieces created specifically for the State Capitol (Pennsylvania), Imperial Palace (Tokyo), the Armenian Patriarchate (Jerusalem), the Teatro Monumental Rebekah Harkness (New York), the Doral Beach Hotel (Miami).
Meroni Meroni produces high quality chairs and sofas in antique style. The distinguishing characteristics of their products are the hand-made work, use of quality wood – cherry, mahogany, beech – and the diligent study of every detail. With the experience in working with wood since the beginning of the last century, the Italian brand Meroni is always capable of answering to the demanding market.
Reflex Through precious lessons deriving from the tradition of the family glassworks established in the 40s, the industrial glass, so charming with its linear essentiality, is enriched and warmed by shapes and colors that always refer to the inexhaustible heritage of the Venetian handicraft,. This company, the first one that used the Murano massive glass as a base for tables, has always been privileging the use of high quality materials such as glass, marble, forged iron and wood – applying new contrasts ad technological processes on the cutting edge with craft mastery. The results are furnishings that express the perfect synthesis of technology, design, research and tradition. Reflex collaborates with famous architects, both Italian and foreign, some of them being Pininfarina, Sacha Lakic, Maurice Barilone, Andree Putman, Leila Guerra.
SWAROVSKI Swarovski Crystal Palace is a revolutionary project that has aimed to creature signature interpretations of light and design using the emotive medium of cut crystal. Whilst celebrating and reinterpreting the rich traditions of the chandelier, Swarovski Crystal Palace has broken barriers, played with the rules and opened a new chapter in the history of lighting, art and design. Now in its eighth year, Swarovski Crystal Palace has worked with some of the world’s foremost and collectable designers including Zaha Hadid, Yves Bhar, Studio Job, Ross Lovegrove, Tom Dixon, and many more.
TURRİ Every single piece of furniture made by the Italian Turri Company, from the very first chest of drawers in 1925 up to the most current production, has been a summary of three simple, basic concepts: originality, authenticity, and uniqueness. Two indispensable words come to mind when one talks about Turri's production: manual skill. Every piece of furniture, whether upholstered or non-upholstered, is characterized by the uniqueness of its production techniques and by the high quality of the materials that are used. Classic and modern, contemporary, each piece is created and assembled with great care and exquisite artisan skill. This is perhaps the most important factor contributing to the end result. The company dedicates its creative and productive resources to the contract business. Its projects Division has completed major projects all over the world including De Koperen Hotel (Hoogie, Holland), Royal Palace Building (Beijing, China), Cartier (Baku, Azerbaijan) and many more.
Zanaboni An experimental workshop and forge for new ideas, Zanaboni has been working on recreating classical drawing room furnishings since 1967. In recent years, the company has focused its attentions on a difficult, stimulating field of products with a contemporary flavor, applying the same familiar accuracy of processing that make each piece exclusive. As a result, the Zanaboni Collection from Italy is now oriented in two clear directions; the Classical Collection for a home that has a touch of theatricality, and a Contemporary Collection, featuring lounge and bedroom furnishings and accessories, for a home that prefers to seduce with a vision of beauty and unprecedented personality.
JNL Belgian brand JNL decorates homes and outdoor spaces, with the most elite and unique furniture styles. Their luxury furniture collections includes sofas, armchairs, chairs, coffee tables, dinning tables, lightings, beds, desks.
Ezio Bellotti Historical and worldwide appreciated company, Endowed with a modern and rational structure, situated in the heart of Brianza, international center of furniture. Ezio Bellotti manufactures breathtaking classical furniture, all in unique style and elegance.
Erreerre Products come from a careful research, looking particularly after the handwork and the art of weaving, where the wise work done by the craftsman melt with the use of the loom, where warp and weft create such frameworks that give richness and quality of the fabrics. In this way, Erreerre DeLuxe Italian fabrics create an elegant atmosphere in various environments and places. Fabrics and textiles which are unique, refined, esteemed, unquestionable, hot, full of sensation and shine: jacquards fabrics, lampas, shantung, satin, prints, silk, linen, chenille, taffeta. Plain, embossed and printed velvets, draperies, trimmings and fireproof fabrics for the Contract Division.
FBAI The FBAI (Fonderia Bronzi Artistici Italia) chandelier-casting factory was established as an art bronze foundry specializing in the manufacturing of chandeliers and lamps, in 1966. Its harmonic designs reflect the finest Italian handicraft tradition for both pressure die-casting and the more ancient lost wax process. Accurate engraving, rich modeling and fine gilding enhance the details of classic styles, such as the wealth of detail in the Louis XVI style or the elegance of the Empire style. F.B.A.I. lamps and chandeliers are often enriched with crystals and artistic china, exclusively manufactured for its models.
Himolla Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation for the ultimate in luxurious furnishing comfort. A unique selection of recliners, furnishing landscapes, sofas, suites and dining groups is just waiting to be discovered. The name "himolla" is combined from the German terms "himmlisch, mollig, angenehm" (heavenly, cosy, pleasent) - denoting the qualities of feel-good comfort, luxury and well being you should aspire to when buying new upholstered furniture.
ISACCO AGOSTONI Isacco Agostoni was founded over a century ago, in 1890. The well-known brand manufactures high-end Italian furniture in the classical style. In recent years, Isacco Agostoni has expanded its horizon and commenced manufacturing special furniture for residences, hotels, Casinos and clubs.
Longhi Longhi is an Italian company strictly devoted to the contemporary lifestyle, aware of the evolution of fashions but with solid roots to the production reality. The variety theme of complement fittings glazed sliding partitions, interior doors and equipped wall units for books or HI-FI/TV is the result of a global and coherent project that invests in every aspect of the production course, from the development of prototypes, to applied technologies, customer service and communication. The collection which is constantly updated, the catalogues
reflect the values of a precise project philosophy: 
attention to the comfort and functionality above all, research
of a design that gives to every element, a coffee table, 
a door or a complete wall unit, a sober and elegant stamp 
to a coordinated system.
RADICE Through their guidance and direction, Radice has gained recognition as an exceptional resource for custom design furniture. It is rare to find a company that can modify any of their existing items, or create an entirely new piece tailored to the specific needs of their clientele. But the Italian firm Radice claims that if it can be drawn, it can be made.
Pataviumart Pataviumart was established many moons ago, more precisely in 1959, in Milan, at a time of particular significance, when the desire to build and reconstruct was very high. Unique pieces of art of outstanding beauty, unrivalled mastery and great scenic impact spread the fame of Pataviumart far and wide. Murano glass, crystal, alabaster, different kinds of marble, precious stones, glass pearls became part of the firm's designs. Contrasting colors were combined and styles reinvented, with new, innovative and exciting effects. Chandeliers, table lamps, standard lamps, overhead lights and wall lamps were combined with Murano glass or crystal lampshades, providing a beautiful interpretation of light and color. The resulting products were captivating, exciting, and capable of rousing feelings and enthusiasm.
Rossetto You can definitely rely on Armobil-Rossetto for cozy bedroom design ideas. They design the simplest but truly sophisticated collections; contemporary and streamlined, yet elegantly cozy. Italian furniture brand Rossetto offers versatile, contemporary furniture and design solutions. Within their collections, there are quite a few different furniture group models, which can be easily combined and mixed together, while keeping the style coherent. All their beds come with the option of a large storage compartment under the mattress, and their wardrobes, bedside tables and chest of drawers are designed to optimize storage as well. The collection uses a variety of materials and finishes, such as naturally elegant walnut, glossy lacquers for optimal reflection of light and added sleek-ness or leather for a comfortable, luxurious feel.
SCHONBEK For more than 140 years, Schonbek has remained the world's leading manufacturer of premium crystal lighting. Classic, contemporary or custom, every luminaire is an authentic, handcrafted masterpiece, designed and produced in-house at Schonbek's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the U.S. and supported by the best personal service. This ensures that each product is of the highest heirloom quality and will last for generations. Guided by a tradition of forward-thinking ingenuity, Schonbek's designers have developed and are responsible for nearly 200 patented technologies, shaping the crystal lighting industry. They strive to stay ahead of the trends, incorporating the latest technology into each new design.
Treci “Reality, Passion and Tenacity”. These are the three words that encompass Treci’s mentality and best convey their company’s mission. Today they share these values with their customers, as a way of overcoming the current economical challenges, which are ever increasing. The Italian skilled craftsmen at Treci know how to combine the artisan tradition with the requirements of modern industrial production, in order to produce extremely well coordinated furniture elements for bedrooms and dining rooms.
VG VG Home is a collection of complementary furnishings and decorative items of high design characterized by the seductive fusion between retro styles and the contemporary spirit. In a harmony of style created from the compelling combination of opposites, they find tables and consoles, sofas and seating, vases and other decorative elements designed to give life and atmosphere to a coordinated living ambience, adapted to the most exclusive tastes.
AGOSTONI Agostini Mobili Furniture Company is known for its elegance and exclusive style, which does not depend on a capricious fashion. All of Agostini Mobili furniture instills a sense of reliability and long-lasting quality, winning subtle forms of original art and decoration.
AR Rapidly expanding Italian company ever since 1967, AR Arredamenti first started out by manufacturing simple furnishing elements, such as glass cabinets and pieces of furniture for various uses. They then moved on to the creation of complete ranges, with more than one hundred articles in each collection, each item offered in both lacquered versions and in walnut. Their collections fully meet the furnishing requirements of any house, from living area to office.
BACCI Supported by a long craft made tradition, Bacci Stile boasts the most valuable cabinet-making manufacturers. Carvings, inlays, gold and silver leaf decorations are all made by hand, by the master of craftsmen.
euroloce Euroluce Lampadari has been serving its clients for about ten years. The Italian company distinguishes itself in the lighting sector for interiors, crystal chandeliers and lamps featuring Swarovski crystal and brass casting, thanks to the constant care and strong passion that the owners, with the help of professional collaborators, dedicate to each single article from their collections.
Formenti Formenti, leader in the production of prestigious and quality furnishings, always works in the field, selecting materials and finishes according to rigorous criteria. Formenti offers a wide range of products, from sofas and armchairs, tables and chairs to different furnishing items, completely adaptable to the needs of every single customer. Thanks to the attention of the design and the persevering research of materials, they have created inimitable characteristics and styles, maintaining leather and details approaches as undisputed protagonists. Formenti invites you to discover, through its range of products, the true essence of the “Made in Italy”.
pistolesi When Piero and Giuseppe began their activity in 1977 their principal aim was to realize pieces of furniture inspired by tradition both from the aesthetical and building point of view. After several years Piero e Giuseppe have not changed their idea and they’ve continued to take care of the production, choosing the materials and the models following genuine antique pieces´ tradition, realizing finishing and decorum with different techniques. All these characteristics melted together permit to export their furniture with success all over the world. Every single piece of furniture by Fratelli Pistolesi is all this and much more: it is the evidence of love and passion for wood.
Sarri Founded in Sesto Fiorentino in 1955, this company still follows old traditions. The range of its production varies from table-lamps to complementary furnishing items. Quality, taste and experience are the aim of the company.
Socci “Luxury costs less than elegance.” Honoré de Balzac You can furnish, you can imitate a style. Fabrics and materials can be combined. Italian company Socci’s mission is to create unique environments to live and remember in time. The products created by Socci have a strong and distinctive identity, a vision de charme that illuminates and captures the scene.
VIDAL GRAU The Spanish company Vidal Grau has been creating exceptional classical furniture and home accessories for over 40 years. With its wide range of products from gold plated chairs to leather sofa sets, Vidal Grau offers a unique luxury.
BS Collection Ceramics is nature and culture, art and magic, humanity and divinity. Ceramics is a universal language with syntax, a lexicon and the same magical and primordial elements of life – air, water, earth and fire. Ceramics is simple beauty, ageless goodness, an immortal sensitivity with ancient musicality. With passion and courage BS Collection has gained experience, celebrating the eternal and immortal beauty. Dexterity, passion, tradition, study, research and refinement of design – from these ingredients the creations are born. Lamps, chandeliers, mirrors and vases are embellished with high quality, strictly Italian, materials – glazes, gold, platinum, Swarovski crystals and the inimitable Italian creativity.
Ahura More than 40 years of experience, the expert use of simple materials, clay mixed with water, dried over the air and fortify into the powerful ovens that reaches 1200°c. Only the true artist – along with the traditions that are passed through the generations - Ahura knows how to shape simple things and make them unique, a true piece of Italian history. Tradition and technology leaves together into a creative atmosphere, enriched by the use of the most pure and precious materials like gold 24K, Platinum and Crystal. 
This is the Ahura secret to always give you a piece of true Italian art and beauty.
CERAMICHE TREA Love of beauty, working with hands, the power of ideas. Ceramiche Trea is all of that and more. A company with 40 years of experience under its belt, born and bread through the initiative of two enterprising master craftsmen, now a dynamic business, ready to face the challenge of the future with the strength of authentic tradition. Ceramiche Trea is universally known for its large-scale fountains in ceramic up to 2.2 meters high and 1.6 meters in diameter that represent the most distinctive part of its ample and diversified production.
Danber From classic little pieces to modern paintings and accessories, Danber Italia offers the most sophisticated collections of all time.
Delta Founded in 1978, Delta Ceramiche offers items exclusively crafted and decorated by hands. The quality of their Italian home accessories is guaranteed by the use of precious materials and exclusive production procedures.
Linea Argenti Constant care, professionalism, taste and attention for particulars allow the realization of original and elegant works in which silvered resin meets crystal, wood, glass, and marble. Exclusive design, particular care, refined and elegant packaging combines to meet in the Linea Argenti creations. The Italian brand’s collections include clocks, candleholders, boxes, lamps, photo frames, vases, and many more.
montero The famous Spanish company relies on 25 artists of classical and contemporary styles. The Spanish artists who have professional excellence in oil paintings, canvas paintings and panel paintings. Montero has more than 500 references of exquisite design moldings; all of them achieved with first rank materials and craft finish in the varnish and precious metals.
mos design With their 100% hand made in Italy home decorations, Mos Design is one of the top leading creative design companies in all of Europe.
Studio Esse Studio Esse is one of the most important and qualified firms in painting and decoration in Italy. Since 1970, the company produces all you can consider interior decoration: fake, trompe l’oeil, watercolors, decorations on fabrics, handmade by qualified painters in their laboratories using the same techniques as old painters.
LES HERITIERS The famous French home accessory brand Les Heritiers has a wide range of products from scented candles to flower vases. Their extravagant new collections never cease to surprise year after year.
ALTA Alta, together with Rossetto Arredamenti and Armobil, are part of Arros Group, which combines the product ranges of the three companies. High qualitative standards, a highly flexible modular design and technological investments ensure competitive products for the heart of the home. Italian Alta kitchens offer your homes the beauty brought by simplicity.
Dekor Toscana Art prints in precious frames: these are the products of an important Tuscan reality known for decades for its interior design items. 
Dekor Toscana is a crafts firm merging innovative production methods with traditional workmanship and hand-made details. In the heart of Casentino valley, this Italian companu produces framed prints, mirrors and interior design items, in classic and country styles.
LU.BO The Italian brand Lu.Bo Biliardi manufactures the highest quality pool tables. Since 1970, This prestigious Italian firm, creates impressive pool tables that turn a simple billiards game into a living fantasy.
Annibale Esposi The century-long tradition of a leading company in the fascinating world of decoration. Today the company, at its third generation, offers a rich selection of framed works, created by excellent Italian artists and craftsmen. They are able to assists clients in their most varied and original requests, and offer exclusive paintings customized for the furnishing of important residences.
Angello Cappellini Angelo Cappellini is a company rooted in one of Northern Italy’s most important and qualified industrial districts: Brianza Greatly admired for their elegance and quality, their collections are bywords for status and exclusivity both within private residences and the and in the grand halls of embassies, villas, or luxury hotels.
Arte Mariani Arte Mariani is a new expression, a new brand, which intends to give a tribute to a modern uniqueness in the type of the depicted motifs, in the final stage of artwork, in the research of innovative unseen techniques and in the use of vanguard know-how. The artists of the Italian Mariani atelier are able to offer unforgettable works, rich in aura and personality, which complement any space
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