MD Home Center, where the most luxurious European furniture brands meet…

Encouraged by the 32 years of relentless work, dedicated research and experience in designing furniture and decorating the most exquisite living spaces around the world, MD Home Center has built the one and only 15.000 square meter furniture showroom in Turkey. Home to 55 luxurious European furniture and house accessory brands; ranging from classical models to modern collections, MD Home Center has become the meeting point for handcraft and innovative design. Destined to become a leader in the field of interior furnishing, MD Home Center helps redecorate living spaces, palaces, hotels and offices with its wide range of classic and contemporary furniture, as well as its exceptional selection of home accessories and lightings.

Representing the most prestigious furniture brands of Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Austria, MD Home Center unites quality, comfort, elegance and exclusivity in its five-story showroom in Istanbul, allowing you to step into a more spectacular world at each floor, leaving you mesmerized.

The strong co-operation with professional in-house designers and the support of all its exclusive brands’ project designers from all over Europe, MD Home Center delivers an outstanding quality of service in and outside of Turkey.

To guarantee first class excellence and originality of the MD products, every individual item on display at MD Home Center bears a certificate of origin, which states the country of origin of the good, and informs about its quality standards.

The lifestyle the customers wish to have, their characters, how they prefer to design and decorate their living environment is MD Home Center’s main concern, as it is vital for the MD team to be regularly outside observing, questioning, reacting to change and to always listen attentively. Whether it is a personalized office space you need, or a home that defines your personality, MD Home is the place you would want to be.

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